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The Bidford Archive

Description of the Archive

Our Society has established an Archive located in the Bidford Community Library. The Archive is comprised of historic documents, photographs and books which are unique and specific to the area centred around Bidford. The area includes all local settlements: Salford, Dunnington, Broom, Wixford, Exhall, the Graftons, Binton and neighbouring countryside. In additon some documents are held in electronic form for access through a computer terminal. A small number of archived items exist only electronically.

Archive items are currently in the process of being catalogued and we expect to provide information on access protocols in early 2020. They are classified either as an individual document item or as a document collection.

Documentary records stretch as far back as 1640 however the majority cover the period 1850 to 1980. 

Where scanning of documents has taken place for ease of access, the categories of documents are as follows:

Crime and Punishment

Diaries and Biographies,

Old Maps

Topical Events

Population - Census Returns

Population - Other Returns

World War 1

World War 2

Pre 1500AD materials

Photographs and Pictures

History Society Presentations and publications

Library Displays

On the following page will appear information on how to access the Archive records.

For those people who wish to place items in the Archive, Information will be posted during January 2020.