Programme of Meetings 2017-18

Meeting date




 15 September

Pilgrimage to Medieaval Gloucestershire

Tim Porter

 20 October

Folklore and Folksongs of Warwickshire and Worcestershire’

Richard Churchley

 17 November

Ancient Troy - a three way look

Ray Aspden

 15 December

'The Way We Were'

Society Research Group


 19 January

The Last Naval Hero

Roy Smart

 16 February

Curing with Water

Cora Weaver

 16 March

Birmingham Back to Back Housing

Clive Katz

 20 April

West Midlands Struggle for the Vote

Gay Hill

 18 May

“With Our Backs to the Wall":  Victory and Defeat in 1918

Spencer Jones

 15 June

Gertrude Bell – Unsung Heroine of Iraq

Jan Long


Society Outing

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