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Have You Forgotten Us Yet?

This landmark book which reviews the lives of 180 Bidford survivors of the Great War is to be published on November 3rd 2018. Priced at £10 per copy, details to follow.

The Way We Were,

This is a landscape eBooklet of a journey down the Bidford High Street during the early years of the last century. Drawing on a pictorial presentation it demonstrates how remarkably the face of Bidford has changed, possible in a way typical of many formerly agricultural villages.

The eBooklet has been designed  to be effective on a computer screen and can be downloaded. If you intend to print it you will require to make a colour print. Click on this link: The way We Were, 20th Century Bidford  To download the document.

Bidford History Trail

The leaflet of the trail has been printed and distributed free to all households in our area.

Electronic copies are available by clicking this text. You can print the copy.  

Alternatively browse it on a tablet or internet enabled phone.  Not all networks provide a 3G signal in Bidford so mobile download may be slow.

Frank Spiers Memories

Born in 1925, Frank is just about the oldest resident of Bidford on Avon. To celebrate his 90th. birthday, we worked with Frank to compile an illustrated story of his life. The story is quite representative of life in a local village for people who lived through the C20th.
The book is available as an eBooklet in PDF format,which can be read on screen or as an electronic download .
Click here for Frank Spiers Memories

"Yesterdays Children"

Between 2010 and 2013 we ran a research programme to document social history in Bidford, from 1900 to 1970. During this period research was undertaken by members, a substantial number of trained volunteers.

aw003.jpgThe research was based upon verbal histories through interviews with people who had an historical experience in the area. Interviews were supplemented by documentary research of primary source material and access to photographic records and maps.

The research culminated in a landmark publication in May 2013: "Yesterdays Children", a 130 page illustrated history of the village.

The project received generous external funding from Stratford Community Fund, Bidford Parish Council and members of the History Society.

Sales of the book have reached almost 1000 copies.

Remaining copies of this book are available from the Chairman, Mark Shaddick, call 01789 778769  


"We Will Remember Them"

Following 10 years research this book looks at the background which prepared  Bidford for the Great War

The book chronicles the stories of the men of Bidford and district who gave their lives in the Great War. Researched by Bob Marshall and supported by our Society, this substantial publication is a landmark in our local history.

The entire print run has now been sold. Should you wish to use a loan copy for research, please contact the Society.