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Members and Visitors


Ongoing health concerns  and Government Covid Regulations mean that we remain unable to meet physically together, for monthly presentations or outings. Accordingly our speaker  programme will continue on-line through Zoom. Some people may be familiar already with Zoom. We wish to reassure you that we will make the experience as simple and enjoyable as possible for members. For those who want some assistance with Zoom familiarisation we will provide Zoom tuition.

If you have difficulty logging-on to Zoom before our meeting then call the help desk: Adrian on 07733 945600 or John on 07710 230727



We enrolled 122 members between September 2019 and the start of the Covid epidemic.  We are extending all those memberships without charge into early 2021 and covering any financial losses from accumulated savings

Committee Members

Our committee has been wonderfully increased and we now have 11 members ith an excellent gender balance.

Data Privacy

GDPR effective May 2018

Members will be aware by now that an organisation holding any personal data must have defined policies to cover its control. Individual persons must give their consent to the holding of this data. The Society policy and is available to view, just click here on Privacy Statement.