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Members and Visitors

Data Privacy

GDPR effective May 2018

Members will be aware by now that an organisation holding any personal data must have defined policies to cover its control. Individual persons must give their consent to the holding of this data. The Society has finalised our policy and it is available to view, just click here on Privacy Statement.

At the time of Membership Card collection each member will be asked to sign an acceptance form which states the specific data we hold for them. For all members this is Name, Address and Telephone. Most members also provide email details.

The majority of members have now provided their consent.  For those who have not yet been able to do so, there is a choice.  It will be possible to view their personal Consent to Contact form on arrival at a future meeting.  If that is inconvenient, a blank form is available at click this link.  This can be completed by hand and returned to alex@grieve.co.uk.

Committee Members

We are delighted to welcome two new members to the Society Committee:

Dr Alex Grieve and Mr John O'Connor.

Alex has taken up the Membership officer role. John is to manage our Bidford Community Library engagement. Both will join John Alexander-Head to set the future speaker programmes.

We will be deiighted to redress the gender balance if we can find willing ladies



The new membership year starts in September 2018. For those rejoining before 31 August 2018, we will hold the current membership fee of £17 per person. Subscriptions recieved after 1 September will be at the new subscription rate of £19 per person.

To encourage young people to enjoy history those under the age of 18 years may attend any meeting free of charge.We ask that those under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult.

If you are interested in joining the Society, please contact Alex Grieve; alex@grieve.co.uk; or simply come along to a meeting..


If you would like to see what the Society is all about, you are most welcome to come along on the night. Admission for casual visitors is £4.50.



See how our members enjoy themselves: