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Survey of Member Interests

At our September 2022 meeting we asked members to let us know about their favourite history periods and historic topics. Here is what we found:

Time periods: The strongest levels of interest are for the Mediaeval Period (1066-1485) and for the 19th.Century.

Topics: Social History, Military History and Stories about Places attracted the most interest. By comparison, Biography, Politics, Engineering and Bidford attracted little interest.

We will use the feed back when preparing future programmes to ensure that members preferences are respcted

Bidford Community Library

In 2018 our History Society assumed responsibility  to manage the "Bidford and District Studies" section, which covers all aspects of history in Bidford, surrounding villages and South Warwickshire. We  create additional local historical material for the library,  accessible through print and the library computer terminals. You can see this material in our Recent Publications tab.

In 2023 we opened The Bidford Archive. Four years in the planning, the archive is repository of local history.More details are within the Bidford Archive tab at the side.

Our role in the library further confirms our position as a leading Bidford community organisation.

Below, the Local Studies section in the Library:

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