Programme of Meetings 2018-19

Society Programme, September 2018 to July 2019

Our programme introduces the era of the Stuarts with three talks spread across the programme. The Battle of Edgehill talk outlines a pivotal point confirming the Civil War. We track back in time to examine the behaviours of Charles I which led to the battle. Subsequently we examine the reign of Charles II, seeing how a reign which started with such enthusiasm at the restoration declined, finally with his brother James II being deposed.

We say farewell for the time being to WWI with two talks, one concerning the stories of Bidford armed services survivors and one covering the German perspective on the end of the war.

As usual we offer fascinating talks on social history and with a strong local emphasis

Meeting date


21 September

The Battle of Edgehill, October 1642

The crucial turning point for the Stuarts with tensions between king and parliament starting the first civil war. The talk outlines the main causes of the war; Money, Power and Religion, explaining the political and military context and social issues. Illustrated by a number of personal stories.

A battlefield site visit will be offered by the Society and will draw on the current archaeological surveys of the site 

Speaker: Stephen Barker, Heritage Adviser

19 October

Bidford Survivors of WW I

Based on a three year period of detailed research by our Society Research Group, this is a summary presentation of Bidford WWI Armed Services survivors and their life stories. A book will be published covering the 300+ survivors.

Speaker: Bob Marshall, Bidford History Society Research Group

16 November

WWI the final German perspective

In this presentation Prof. Chistoph Mick will analyse the reasons for the German defeat, the November 1918 revolution and the transition from war to peace. It will cover the first few turbulent years of the Weimar Republic and the attempts to come to terms with the outcome of the war. 

Speaker:  Prof Christopher Mick, Dept. of History Warwick University

14 December

Huggable Teddy Bears

An intimate introduction to early C20th toys. Please bring your Teddy Bears!

Speaker: Dr. Gillian White, former Curator at Hardwicke Hall

18 January

Two Titans, One City

The contrasting stories of two of the most respected and powerful business men of the late Victorian and early Edwardian era, Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914) and George Cadbury (1839-1922). Both men shared strong connections to the city of Birmingham and left lasting legacies.

Speaker: Andrew Reekes, Author

15 February

Postmans Knock

Postal services in the Alcester area from the 18th century to the present day. Original research from 1988 recently updated.

Speaker: Alan Godfrey, Chair, Alcester History Society

15 March

Discovering Charles I

An introduction to Charles I attitudes to kingship and his behaviours. As King, Charles exercised poor judgement, was unable to compromise and was out of touch with his people. This talk will outline the false world in which Charles lived, his blindness to others views and how he precipitated the civil war, with Edgehill being the first skirmish.

Speaker: Prof Richard Cust, Dept of History, Birmingham University.

12 April

100 Years of Women’s Policing in the West Midlands

A review of the role of women in policing, 1918-2018. An introduction to pioneers, a short video of some female 'firsts' at different ranks and specialisms

Speaker: Corinne Brazier, West Midlands Police Museum

17 May


Charles II, the later Stuarts

Government and the reign of Charles II during the restoration. The deterioration in relationships between crown and government and how finally it went wrong for James II, facilitating acceptance of William and Mary

Speaker: Dr Stewart Tolley, Continuing Education Department, Oxford University

21 June


“We Are Where We Are”

How life expectancy has changed 1830 – Present.  The previous causes of lower life expectancy and how life expectancy has extended

Speaker: Dr. Alex Grieve

 21 July    Society Outing To National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas


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