Projects - an exciting way to forge personal links to the past

Our research group is led by Wendy Shaddick. It provides an opportunity for members to undertake research activities which attract them and are relevant to the Society objectives. Financial support, expert assistance and introductions are available. 

Yesterdays Children

three year research programme; published  "Yesterday's Children" in May 2013.

Heritage Trail

Based upon the information discovered we  published an Heritage Trail around Bidford in 2016.  You can download it from Recent Publications tab

We Will Remember Them

Culminating 10 years of research the book:"We Will Remember Them"; gives the stories of those men who lost their lives in the Great War. Published in November  2014 .

Have You Forgotten Yet   (1914 - 18 Soldiers Who Survived)

A longer term research programme  discovered the lives of those who survived the great war and returned to live through the 20th. century. Publication was in November 2018.

Other Items

For those interested in tracing family history we provide occassional expert tutorials. Familiarity with a computer is required, and some patience. Tutorials are for new beginners and there is a series also for more experinecd users.

As a Society, we have initiated or been involved in other activities such as:

  • ‘Buried under Bidford’ – an archaeological venture with Warwickshire County Council investigating and discovering more of Bidford’s Roman past through field-walking, research and discussion. Information boards are visible through the Bidford Local History tab
  • research into Bidford’s 1861 Census throwing light on the inhabitants, their origins, occupations and pubs!
  • developing and documenting through former staff and pupils a history of Bidford’s first state primary, and now-closed secondary, schools

We  continue to look for fresh opportunities to discover, research and capture more of the history of Bidford and its surrounding villages.

Please speak to Wendy about any interests you may have.



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