Bidford's Past Voices

Oral Histories from Bidford

Compilation of our local social histories involved interviews with a number of local people, many of whom are sadly now passed away.  Their recall of earlier years of the C20th in Bidford provide rich veins of  understanding of life only 2 or 3 generations ago. 

Below we provide documented reminiscences of five people covering predominantly their recall of school days in the 1920's and 1930's.

There are two fuller documents also.

- In celebration of Frank Speirs recent 90th. birthday we worked with Frank to capture memories of life in Bidford during the whole C20th.

- Bob Marshall is much younger than the other contributors. He provides a personal historical account of his life from the Early 1950's until 1970.

Simply click on each name to bring up a PDF document of their reminiscences.

Mollie Henderson

Dinah Holder

Marjorie Kitson

Hedley Langston

Charlie Heywood

Frank Spiers

Bob Marshall

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