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Programme 2012 - 13


21st September

The History of the Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick. 

The Master – Lt. Col. Gerald Lesinsky.

19th October

Drinking Around Bidford.

Dr. Richard Churchley.

16th November

Journey to Titanic.          

Rob Goldsmith.

14th December

Mistletoe in tradition, legend and history.

Jonathan Briggs.

18th January

Compton Verney: The Story of a Great House.

Dr. Sylvia Pinches.

15th February

Lydia Byam’s Journal: Exotic Plants, Jane Austen and Slavery.

Gabrielle Leese.  

15th. March.

Iconoclasts and Outcasts: Illicit love in 19th  Century England.

Prof. Rebecca Probert. 

19th April

Mary, Queen of  Scots.

Dr. Gillian White.

17th May

The Life and Times of English and Welsh Archers In the 14th and 15th Centuries.

Bowstringer Present – Peter and Joan Hallett.

21st  June

Yesteryear’s Folklore, Customs and Traditions.

Dr. Colin Harris.


Outing Venue to be confirmed