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Competion winner

Jack Young Age: 13 Alcester Academy

Diamond Jubilee Short

Writing Competition


The frightened crowd waiting silently...the harsh voice of the barked orders to retreat...the rumble as the tanks begin to move. If I could step back in time, I would be here at the edge of China’s Tiananmen Square watching the courage of one man as he walked in front of a line of huge parading tanks of the People’s Liberation Army.

I have walked in the vast space of the square with my family. In our pictures it seems so clean, so empty, too clean in fact. I was only small and remember smiling faces pulling me to have a photograph taken with their son or daughter. But learning about the events in June 1989 makes me feel differently.

Reading about the massacre of the night before the brave act of that unknown man, the empty square now feels full of ghosts: those shot by troops marching over bodies, those screaming as they watched their friends die. The darkness lit by burning cars. By 5:40am on the 4th June the square was cleared but on the 5th June, the ‘tank man’ stepped in front of those retreating tanks on Chang’an Avenue.

I do not think I could do the same and, luckily I can visit such places and return to the democracy of Britain ruled by the same Queen for 60 years – a Queen who always speaks of the safety and happiness of her people.


Round Royal Rings

29th April 2011

Lovely, layered lace

To show her redeeming grace.

Smart soldier stands waiting in suit

On-looking guests, all salute.

Her beloved Majesty, proud grandmother in yellow

Waves to the public, saying "Hello".

Her consort Prince Phillip, glowing with pride,

Prince Harry’s black tunic

Round royal rings inside.

My first Royal wedding

Such a joyful sight

Great Britain, Our Royal Family and me,

will celebrate tonight!

By Neve Dawson

Aged 8