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Next Meetings

A brief outline of our next talks:


Friday 20 October: Folklore and Folksongs of Warwickshire and Worcestershire’

presented by Dr. Richard Churchley

A selection of songs and folklore from the two counties. Some serious songs, some comic, from different eras. The evening’s emphasis on fun and audience participation. Bring you singing voice!

Friday 17 November:  Ancient Troy - a three way look

presented by Ray Aspden

We all know about the Trojan War; How handsome Paris, son of the king of Troy, abducted the young beautiful (and apparantly willing) Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta. The Greeks mustered 1000 ships and tens of thousands of soldiers for a 10 year seige to recover her. Not everyone lived happily ever after!

That is the fake news!

New excavations at Hissarlik have extended the earlier findings of Schliemann, Dorpfeld and Blegan, while advances in Hittite studies have confirmed that Wilusa (Ilios) caused historic strife between mainland Achaeans and the western vassals of Imperial Hatti.  

This well illustrated talk will explore current thoughts about the literature, archaeology and history of what ancient poets saw as the site of the most famous conflict of the Ancient World.