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November 2016 news



Membership subscriptions for the 2017-18 year can be paid now.. So far 110 members have enrolled. We extend a special welcome to all new members.

If you have any queries or wish to join our Society please contact Mary Alexander-Head on 01789 491148 or email maryahead@aol.com. 

Meeting Venue

We will be moving our monthly meetings to a new location on 15 December 2017,  The new venue will be Crawford Hall, Salford Road, Bidford on Avon, B50 4EZ. We hope very much that the new venue will improve members experience in terms of visibility and that the "cinema sound" system will help everyone. Importantly there is adequate parking for members with cars and the hall can accomodate more than the 78 people we can fit into our present venue. We hope that you approve this decision which we will review with members after about 4 months.

Recent Meeting

The first meeting of our 2017-18 programme year was held on 15 September and comprised a fascinating lecture by Tim Porter. We have written an edited transcript which is available on Mediaeval Gloucestershire Pilgrimage.

Norton Collection Museum in Bromsgrove

This Museum is a fascinating example of how a compulsive collector can establish a valuable legacy of 20th.Century artifacts woven into compelling stories.  To learn more contact  Sandra Parker 01789 773780.

Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum

The Museum reopens on April 14 2017. As it is based on volunteers it is generally open at weekends and bank holidays, The best method to visit is to book. Go to http://www.warwickshire-yeomanry-museum.co.uk 

 Committee Members

We would welcome fresh (younger?) faces on the committee.  After 5 years of faithful service, Judy Smith has stepped down from the position of Secretary.